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What are your cakes and buttercream like?

Most of our cakes are based on a traditional pound cake. They are more dense and moist, rather than light and fluffy. Our Swiss chocolate is rich and fudgy, a chocolate-lover’s favorite. Each cake is lightly soaked in a complementary syrup to make sure it is extra moist and delicious on the day you slice it and for days beyond. They contain a small amount of alcohol, but alcohol-free can be requested at the time of ordering. 

Our buttercream is a Swiss meringue style buttercream, which is buttery and less sweet than a classic American buttercream. It is made by whipping butter into a creamy meringue rather than adding powdered sugar to butter. This leads to a very smooth, silky frosting.  

When we enrobe cakes in fondant, we roll a very thin layer of fondant and place it over a fully-iced cake. This sets us apart from bakeries that simply “crumb-coat” the cake before adding fondant. This ensures you have the same amount of delicious frosting that you’d have if you simply ordered a buttercream cake.

We offer to-go tasting kits of all 8 signature flavors! Just email us to set one up. 

What flavors of custom cakes do you have?

You can view our list of flavors here. These are our favorite, but if there is something special that you’re looking for, we will happily design and create a custom cake combination just for you. We love the opportunity to be creative!

Do you produce nut-free, gluten-free or vegan cakes?

Yes, we do offer allergen-friendly recipes! Please inquire to find out available flavors. However, all of our cakes are made using shared equipment. We ask our clients to consider this when placing an order for someone with a severe allergy.

Are any of your products Kosher?

Spark’d is not a certified Kosher facility.

Where are Spark’d products baked?

All the food products sold at Spark’d are baked right downstairs, in our extensive kitchen located in the HOTEL DU PONT.


How do I place an order?

To begin, please fill out the form on our Custom Order page. Please allow ample time, as working out the details of a design may take several days, or up to two weeks during busy times.



How do I safely transport my cake home?

Cakes are delicate, so they do require some special care when transporting!


Cakes taller than one tier are packaged in boxes with the lids propped open. This makes for easier and safer transportation. 

Carry the cake box securely, holding it from the bottom, not the sides. Avoid jostling or tilting the box. 

If you are picking up a two-tier cake, we suggest bringing a friend to help. Cakes are surprisingly heavy, and can be awkward to carry and place in a car by yourself. Please note for safety reasons, Spark'd team members cannot assist with bringing cakes to your vehicle.

Make sure to place the cake on a completely flat area in your car, and avoid direct sunlight. In most cars, the flattest spot is the floor on the passenger side. Do not place the cake on a seat. If possible, bring an SUV-style car that has a flat back. 

SUMMER: We recommend blasting your AC on the way over to Spark'd to cool down your car, and leave it running with the AC on high while you come in to pick up your cake. This will ensure the car is cool enough when you place the cake in it. This is essential when taking the cake on longer road trips, and helpful no matter the distance.

WINTER: Avoid placing your cake near an air vent with hot air shooting out. Keep the car as cold as possible. 

Please drive carefully! Avoid sharp turns and slamming on your brakes whenever possible. 

We do offer delivery options for all orders, and recommend delivery for cakes larger than two tiers!

How should I store my cake before the party?

We recommend picking up your cake the day of your event or the day before if the cake is being served before noon. The key to enjoying our cakes (or any cake for that matter) is temperature.


If the cake is all buttercream on the outside, it can be refrigerated up to 2 days, but should be left at room temperature at least 4 hours before serving. 

If the cake has fondant on the outside, it should be kept in an air-conditioned, low humidity room. Please do not refrigerate fondant cakes as that may cause unsightly condensation and color bleeding. 

How do I cut my cake into those picture-perfect slices?

Glad you asked! Each cut should be made with a hot, clean knife. We recommend dipping the knife into a tall cup of hot water, then wiping dry with a clean kitchen towel. This should be repeated between each cut. It takes time, but trust us, it’s worth it! We can also provide a diagram to show how to cut our larger sized tiers into the maximum number of servings.  

How should I store my leftover cake?

We highly recommend ordering extra cake, because there is truly nothing better than cake for breakfast! If stored correctly, it keeps for days or longer. Keep as much of the cake whole as possible, and press plastic wrap, parchment, or wax paper firmly to the cut side of the cake, so the only thing exposed to air is buttercream. Keep refrigerated and bring the portion you plan to enjoy to room temperature before eating. You can also freeze our cakes for up to three months, just be sure to wrap well in plastic wrap or in an air-tight zip seal bag.

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