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Our Story


Spark’d, brought to you by the creative minds at the HOTEL DU PONT Bake Shop, is Wilmington, Delaware’s most delightful and decadent destination to spark your sweet tooth and feed your caffeine fix.


Located in the heart of the city within the bustling new DE.CO food hall, our vision is that every visit sparks some joy! With a menu featuring savories and sweets, breads and brownies, cocoa and caffeine, we can’t wait to brighten your day.


Leah Ferrara


“  Make life sweeter "

Leah learned to cook at a very young age, helping her mother and grandmother shape breads, mix batters, and roll cookies. But she didn’t realize food was her calling until college. While pursuing a degree in music, she worked at a local pizzeria during the summer. Working with large batches of pizza dough, Leah first discovered the joy that came from using all her senses to create something that people would enjoy. 

After earning her Culinary Arts degree from The Art Institute of Philadelphia, Leah returned to focus on Baking & Pastry. She initially worked as a savory line cook at the HOTEL DU PONT.  It was here that she developed her signature style. Leah is known for melding sweet and savory flavors, and is passionate about using natural, whole ingredients in modern presentations.

Leah’s love for pastry comes from the fleeting nature of food as art. Her belief is that food should be both beautiful and delicious. From the most elaborate of wedding and celebration cakes, to the everyday breakfast indulgence, her goal is to create a unique experience that truly ignites your sweet tooth. 

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